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Discussion in 'SEO Chatroom' started by Seahawksean, Jun 21, 2013.

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    Hello all,

    I have been working on a website for a client for the past 5 months. We had a written contract including milestones for payment. One of those milestones was originally set for the end of this past March. With delays to my email/written requests for content from the client and verbal/email requests for changes to the site made by the client after this initial deadline of course delayed the delivery date of the site. The contract also stated that I would get paid up activation of the website on their server. (I know, I know. Big mistake. But I have learned my lesson. Unfortunately the hard way).

    I completed all the requested changes in a reasonable time and sent the client all the website and database files required to transfer the site from my server to theirs. Their IT guy took 3+ weeks to figure out to get the site up on their server. As a result the client felt that the delay was the result of my actions, which I obviously disagree with. He finally did get it up but never gave me the new admin login information after making multiple requests for it.

    Now that they have all the files, including code that I wrote, images that I took, and copy that I came up they have put the site up on their server but are now refusing to pay me for all the work I've done.

    I am wondering if anyone else in this community has had a similar situation and might be able to share what actions I should take to get paid for my services or what I can do to inhibit my client to access the site that I build but they are now hosting on their domain.

    Thank you in advance for any advice or legal information you may have.

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    Hey Seahawksean,

    This is really terrible, first you shouldn't have agreed to such a contract stating that you would get paid on activation when all the files are on the client's server. This leaves you with no leverage at all! Also, where did you meet this client? I ask because if you meant him or her say at then you can open a case on and fight for the payment.

    If you found this client on a site say Craigslist where there are no rules protesting you as a freelancer then, my option is to find it with a lawyer. Provided you and the client are in the same country.

    Sorry men I have never been face with this issue because I always set up leverage for myself no matter where I get the client.
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    Its really terrible to not get paid after you do all the work.
    I recently had a bad experience on odesk. Completed the work in time, sent him the file after that he just vanished i pinged him several times but no response. Only thing I did was report spam him and wrote bad review about him. Learned a good lesson.

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