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    After hours of searching I was able to find a descent listing of free submission sites for those looking for a quick way to submit your domains to seach engines. Here is a few of them along with complete link on where to find complete listing,

    Submit to 10 Search Engines

    Submit to 15 Search Engines
    Cleversubmitter .com

    Submit to 20 Search Engines

    Submit to 22 Search Engines
    www.submissionurl .com

    Submit to 50+ Search Engines

    Submit to 50+ Search Engines
    www.selbourne .com

    Submit to 70+ Search Engines
    www.submitexpress .com

    Submit to 72 Search Engines
    www.weballey .net

    Submit to 100+ Search Engines
    www.submitse .com

    Check the entire listing on Search Engine Submission List

    I hope this list helps some of you as it has helped me.

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